Advanced Nitrox Diver - DIVE TRAVEL - Kurzy potápění, ubytování a potápění v Thaisku , Bali a Egyptě

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Price: 290 €



Advanced Nitrox Diver

4 Dives
2 Day
Min.AGE 12
Depth 30m

This program is designed to spread knowledge divers diving with nitrox mixtures and taught him to use EAN with higher oxygen content (22-100%) for decompression. Further develop diving skills required to safely manage the handling stage cylinders and a better understanding of the concept of technical diving. It is recommended that the program taught in conjunction with the program IANTD Deep Diver.


Contents of the course:


The course participant receives comprehensive theoretical knowledge in the 7 training modules:

- Introduction to technical diving with EANx - Mental and physical fitness- Physics of gases - EANx diving physiology - Planning dives with more mixtures - Emergency procedures for accidents in advanced diving

Furthermore, each pass with 4 dives using EANx mixtures and different EANx mixtures for decompression.

(Discount for completion along with the course DD)

Price includes theory, practice in the pool and open water certification, job instructor. When registering for the course each participant will receive IANTD Advanced EANx Manual and Workbook in English.

In addition to standard equipment needs trainee BCD, which allows installation next to two bottles of mounting a "stage bottle" (lateral mounting ounce bottle), a second automatic and automatic EANx. Lack of equipment can be rented for a fee.

After successful completion of this course, the participant is awarded a certificate IANTD Advanced EANx Diver. This IANTD diving certificate issued by USA, the largest association of recreational and technical divers in the world, represented in the Czech Republic and Slovakia, is recognized worldwide as certificates of modern sport and technical divers.


Entry requirements:


Participant is required to prove his fitness and diving medical certificate of health, before the start of the course.

Dive travel it is


professional instructors

Our experienced instructors teach the PADI and IANTD and in CZ, Thailand, Bali, in Egypt. They have a certified hundreds of students.



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