OWD - DIVE TRAVEL - Kurzy potápění, ubytování a potápění v Thaisku , Bali a Egyptě

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Price: 250 €




4 Dives
4 Day
Min.AGE 10
Depth 18m

You'll enjoy the first experience underwater when scuba diving. You will learn basic information and learn the first skill (if you have not already done dives) to be operated by anyone who wants to dive safely and still enjoy your dives. You will learn the basic and necessary handling kits and many other skills. All newly acquired knowledge to try a dive in the pool and another 4 dives in open water.

Objective of the course OWD

The OWD Diver program provides comprehensive training for those who want to become sports divers. OWD course emphasizes the skills and knowledge that are needed to develop safe beginner, develops confidence and a sense of responsibility. OWD qualifies divers to dive to a depth of 18 meters. Unlike other courses diver-beginner, this course provides a more in-depth information related to the latest diving technology and is designed primarily for those who want to achieve the highest possible grounding to ensure maximum safety in this sport.

Progress of course OWD

It consists of about 15 h theory, 7h pool exercises and 4-5 dives in open water, according to the possibilities and space requirements. During the theoretical sessions discussing the fundamentals of physics instructor, you will learn about equipment, how the human body works under water, how to plan and implement safe dive. Finally, you will verify your knowledge to the test. In practical exercises in the pool and later on the open water, you will learn how to control your buoyancy, helping each other with Buddy, properly react in emergency situations. At specific times of theories and pools can speak with the instructor, depending on the teaching, whether it is in CZ or some of our home base. Dives in open water are the culmination of the training. The locality is defined by you, especially with regard to seasons and financial options. Normally courses are completed over the summer in the Czech Republic and the Slovak Republic, also on the Mediterranean Sea. In winter, for example, in Croatia and Egypt, they go to, but also elsewhere (Thailand, Bali, Mexico ...) and any tours you can complete the course. Alternatively, you can pass on some of our home base in Egypt or Thailand. Open water dives to a total of 4-5 in the course, but sometimes during the long weekend absolvujeme more dives. Completing the course get a globally recognized certificate for diving with lifetime validity (like a driver's license). Obtained certification allows you to dive to 18m depth. Junior OWD (by decade) can dive with a certified parent or a professional guide. You can take courses in a group or individually.

Who is the course designed OWD

for those who want to start diving, either as an occasional diver, or want the sport to devote more intensely. OWD course is the original passport to diving, quiet and beautiful encounter with both the underwater fauna and flora, you will discover what it's like to float under water.

For whom is not suitable course OWD

If you are experiencing serious health restrictions (such as heart or serious breathing difficulties), consult the suitability of the course with our instructors or your doctor

What do you need with you

Just take your swimsuit and towel, all equipment necessary to dive to lend you if you have a favorite mask or fins that you use to snorkel, take it with you

Requirements for candidates of course OWD

Participant is required to medical competence attesting statement about their health before the start of the course, but no later than the first pool-exercise. Medical certificate of health will be required in the event of reduced medical fitness to dive. Age of 10 years, in the case of minor applicants, required parental consent.

Dive travel it is


professional instructors

Our experienced instructors teach the PADI and IANTD and in CZ, Thailand, Bali, in Egypt. They have a certified hundreds of students.



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With us you will experience adventures both above water and underwater, including trips to James Bond Island or Phi Phi Island.