Rescue Diver - DIVE TRAVEL - Kurzy potápění, ubytování a potápění v Thaisku , Bali a Egyptě

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Price: 211 €



Rescue Diver

4 Dives
2 Day
Min.AGE 10
Depth 18m

When diving is unfortunately not always avoid all risky situations. For these cases, the determination Rescue course. You will learn to properly respond in self-preservation and rescue divers others. IANTD Rescue Diver is an important step in the development of divers, to increase safety and confidence. It is also a prerequisite for professional training (Divemaster, Instructor).

Contents of the course: 

Solution situations: 

- Exhausted diver 
- Help divers in a panic 
- The most frequent problems under water 
- Measures the loss of divers 
- Rescuing an unconscious diver 
- Unconscious diver at the surface 
- Treatment of an unconscious diver 
- First aid for diving injuries 
- Training assistance from the mainland 
- Output of the water with accident victims 
- Simulation of a diving accident


The price includes theory, guided dives in open water according to the requirements of the course, textbooks, IANTD certification, instructors work.

Entry requirements:

Participant is required to prove his eligibility diving, before the start of the course.

Dive travel it is


professional instructors

Our experienced instructors teach the PADI and IANTD and in CZ, Thailand, Bali, in Egypt. They have a certified hundreds of students.



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