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  • Area: 514.000 km2
  • Population: cca 59.450.000
  • State system: constitutional monarchy
  • Capital Town: Bangkok (Krung Thep)
  • Currency: Baht, 1THB = cca 0,67 CZK
  • Official language: thai
  • Religion: 95% buddhists
  • Highhest mountain: Doi Inthanon 2.595m.n.m.
  • Time shift: + 6 hour,DST +5 hours


Earlier Siam is like a giant puzzle where every piece offers something different. Here you can travel a hundred times and each time something will surprise you. It has thousands of contrasts and a million forms that you will not find anywhere else in the world. A country that has been persistently avoided all of colonization processes in order to preserve its traditional face, but she was always open to influences of the West. Its history was marked by bloody intrigues and struggles for the throne, but also fierce wars with neighboring Burmese and the Khmer. The situation has stabilized to the final defeat of Burma in 1767 and the start of the Chakri Dynasty of Siam on the throne. The dynasty ruled the country today and the royal family is here in great respect. Today, Thailand is a country where anything is possible - you'll find nejpanenštější nature but also the busiest city, monsters Buddhist temples and neon go-go bars, poor hut mountain tribes, but also the most luxurious hotels, world famous health, beauty Thai massage and the best cuisine the world. Thailand - land of smiles, her smile and welcome you.

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