Intro to dive - DIVE TRAVEL - Kurzy potápění, ubytování a potápění v Thaisku , Bali a Egyptě

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Price: 35 €



Intro to dive

1 Dives
2 hod. Day
Min.AGE 10
Depth 5m

If you want to experience what it is like to float under water? Not sure if scuba diving is right for you and you want to try first? To pay adrenaline to your loved ones or friends? Then dip the test is for you.

You'll enjoy the first experience underwater in scuba diving, direct assistance of an instructor. You will learn basic information and learn first skills you must master anyone who wants to dive safely and still enjoy your dives. All newly acquired knowledge to try a dive in the pool or the sea to a depth of 5m.

Objective dive to test

The aim of teachers is to offer you an extraordinary underwater experience.

It will teach you the basics of safe diving, which under the leadership try a dive in the pool or in the sea to a depth of 5m.

During the dive to test

We will pay you a total of 1 lessons.

You will learn the basics of safe diving, the function of each part of the equipment, basic techniques and skills that will be utilized under water.

We will lend you a complete outfit for your first test dive.

After moving to the pool or the sea we prepare and check equipment. Underwater you first try out basic skills in shallow parts, and when you get the first experience and more security when moving underwater, you can freely dive at a depth of 5 meters. Length of test dive is about 20 minutes.

For whom is the immersion test specified

for those who want to experience what it is like to float under water,

for you if you are not sure if scuba diving is right for you and want you to first try,

those who want to pursue adrenaline to your loved ones or friends, we offer immersion test in the form of a gift voucher,

for divers who have long dived want to freshen up under the guidance of teacher knowledge and basic skills test.

For whom is the immersion test is appropriate

If you are experiencing serious health restrictions (such as heart or serious breathing difficulties), consult the suitability of immersion for the exam with our tutors or your doctor

What you need to bring to dive

Just take your swimsuit and towel, all equipment necessary to dive to lend

If you have a favorite mask or fins that you use to snorkel, take it with you

The course content

Construct equipment and how to use it

Do you find that every diver is wearing a lot of equipment and hoses that you do not know what it is for? Instructors will show you the various items of equipment, will explain their function and how to control them and teach you how to fold a kit for immersion in water.

Safety in Diving

Are you afraid that you will hurt your ears in the water or under the water you can something happen? Instructors will teach you important safety principles when diving, properly equalize the pressure in your ears, and how to communicate underwater.

Good to see underwater

Learn how to prevent fogging masks and how to pour the water out of the mask under water.

Hover in water

Wondering how to make those divers that floats in the depth at which they want? You learn to control your equipment so that you are able submerge and emerge as necessary and swim underwater without much effort.

Dive travel it is


professional instructors

Our experienced instructors teach the PADI and IANTD and in CZ, Thailand, Bali, in Egypt. They have a certified hundreds of students.



We offer a variety of affordable accommodation, but always at a high level that you were particularly pleased you and us persona



With us you will experience adventures both above water and underwater, including trips to James Bond Island or Phi Phi Island.