Egypt - DIVE TRAVEL - Kurzy potápění, potápění v Thaisku , Bali a Egyptě

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  • Area: 1 000 000 km2
  • Population: cca. 80 mil
  • State system: republic
  • Capital Town: Cairo
  • Currency: Egyptyan pound (EGP) = 100 piastres
  • Official language: arabic
  • Religion: islam 94%, Christianity 6%
  • Highhest mountain: Doi Inthanon 2.595m.n.m.
  • Time shift: SEČ +1 hour (even during summer time)


Country covers much of northeastern tip of the African continent and in Asia must be done Sinai Peninsula. In the north, bordering the Mediterranean Sea, to the east by the Red Sea, to the south and west it is surrounded by Sudan and Libya. Axis countries are fertile valley of the Nile River, which flows wide delta into the Mediterranean Sea. In the valley of the Nile since antiquity concentrates 98% of the economic life of the country, which is based on agriculture. Other parts of the country is rocky and sandy desert that goes to many places in the jagged mountain ridges. Worldwide strategically important place in Egypt's Suez Canal, which is indispensable in modern times thoroughfare shipping. Egypt is famous above all one of the greatest ancient civilizations, pyramids, temples, tombs and mummies. Less well known is its medieval heritage Coptic Christian and Islamic cultures, their temples, monasteries and mosques. In the 16th century, Egypt became part of the Ottoman Empire, its influence weakened in the 19th century, in the 20th century came under British control in 1922 and declared independence. Britain maintained its influence in the country until the mid-20th century, in 1953 was declared a republic. The population is growing rapidly, Egypt also receives a number of refugees from neighboring African countries. Most of the population lives in the Nile. The largest ethnic groups are the Egyptians (98%), next to them are minority Arab Bedouins, Berbers and Nubians, Armenians, Greeks and other Europeans.

What to take to Egypt


Orientation Course: 1L.E. = 5CZK, 1 USD = 5.8 LE, 1 EUR = 6.4 LE Money can be exchanged at the airport or at a bank in Dahab, or in a more favorable exchange rate and free of charge in stores and restaurants.
In the Arab world, it is customary to haggle, so do not be surprised sometimes truly supernatural prices. At the very least, ask if the discount. Prices are sometimes increased by several hundred percent. If you accept the bargaining tea, sit in the pipe, it is assumed that you purchase something. In stores, where prices are glued to the card for goods bargain. Opening hours of shops is different, some are open in the morning (10-12h), others only at night (15-23h)


It should be observed, as in all countries in warmer zones, improved hygiene, due to a greater risk of infection, especially diarrheal diseases. Most are just "chew" the body to another, but harmless, kind of intestinal flora. Generally, the disease is called "Pharaoh's Revenge", and sustained more days, you need to be careful of dehydration. It is possible to resist drugs, it is best to wait and buy local Antinal (similar to Ercefuryl, price 15L.E., OTC). As prevention is better than medicine practice these principles:

- Frequent hand washing, especially before eating and after using the toilet
- Drink water from a public water system (teeth cleaning is just better out of the bottle - no salt), and ice brought in drinks
- Vegetable salads should drizzle with lemon
- A snack or breakfast put onions or garlic (shipped from the house)
No mandatory vaccinations in Egypt is not necessary. It is recommended that vaccination against hepatitis A and typhoid fever, antimalarial drugs. Our information is to be feared especially around the Nile.


Public and private hospitals. State hospitals provide free care in an emergency, in a private bed for pay 1000USD/den. Insurance is to be completed in the Czech Republic. If you are interested we can arrange diving trips and insurance at Generali (56Kč/den). We do not recommend relying solely on insurance, which are sealed to credit cards, savings, etc. when diving activity - risk sports are usually excluded!

For more technical information, the advisory for Travel and Tropical Medicine: University Hospital Vinohrady - tel: 267 162 685, 267 162 688


In Egypt, a tip (baksheesh, tips) part of the income of drivers, hotel staff, etc. and it is common to give them baksheesh. Their employer with the even counts. Total Mix in the pickings around 10 USD.

What to bring:

passport, plane ticket, student ID card, photocopy of passport, ID card and diving diary, cash USD or Euro, you can use credit cards (two ATMs in Dahab, diving center is also possible to pay by bank transfer - VISA, Maestro, Mastercard)
Wear as little clothing type "free life" suitable for čundrování in the desert and wallow in pelešárnách. Suitable shorts for traveling on the back of a pickup truck, something warmer at night (pants, comfortable jeans). For the ladies notice that the Arab world is in some places not suitable exposed knees and shoulders.Dahab is possible to walk along the promenade in a swimsuit, the mosque so you naturally let go. In winter, take along something warm for the evening (sweatshirt) and ear protection (hat, scarf) and a windbreaker on the ship.
Sunscreen - even in winter just to burn 30min lie in the sun.
Diving equipment: mask, fins and booties with strap (in a classic slip-Sedra feet), snorkel, wetsuit (over the summer just 3mm in winter rather 5mm hood), gloves are officially banned (sometimes tolerate), jacket, belt ( Lead-free!), measuring instruments (dive computer). Optionally, you can pack a compass, a flashlight for night diving, acoustic signal lamps, Wetnotes ... Spare strap masks and fins can be purchased on-site at a reasonable price. Car Lead (classic dice) and the bottles are included diving. Weights count up to four pounds more than you're used to from fresh water (sea salt + buoyancy of aluminum cylinders).

Estimated temperatures:

In Egypt generally rains only a few days a year, usually in December or January. In these months we can also expect more wind and waves. For most of the year the weather is sunny and stable.
The average temperature of the air / water (day-night) are:

January 21/22-10,
February 22/25-10,
March 23/26-12,
April 24/29-15,
May 24/31-18,
June 26/32-21,
July 27/34-24,
August 27/34-24,
September 26/32-21,
October 25/30-19,
November 24/26-16,
December 20/22-12

Temperatures are indicative, water can vary by several degrees, the air is much hotter in the sun (the temperature is in the shade).

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