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Price: 150 €



Basic Nitrox Diver

2 Dives
1 Day
Min.AGE 10
Depth 30m

Air diving has two major problems - nitrogen intoxication and relatively restrictive decompression limits. Both nitrox eliminates the disadvantages. However, it is so easy to use! Diving with Nitrox is safer than air and is easily accessible by recreational divers.


Contents of the course:


This course offers a certified diver (OWD, P * of any training system) training in diving with gaseous mixture of air and oxygen - called Nitrox (EANx the Enriched Air Nitrox).

After completing the course you will be able to choose the optimal mix for each dive, the oxygen content in the range 24% - 40% O2.

The trainee will acquire theoretical knowledge in the following 5 training modules:

- Introduction to diving with EANx - Physiological aspects of oxygen - Physics of diving with EANx - Tables for EANx diving - The use and handling of oxygen

Furthermore, each pass with 2 dives using EANx mixture of 24-40% O2

materials :

When enrolling in the course, each participant receives: IANTD EANx Manual and Workbook in English IANTD EANx Diver Diploma

Dive travel it is


professional instructors

Our experienced instructors teach the PADI and IANTD and in CZ, Thailand, Bali, in Egypt. They have a certified hundreds of students.



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